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“As a toddler, my mother would find me piecing together complex puzzles with deft hands, diligence and in silence. Shortly thereafter, my parents discovered I was legally blind in my right eye and had no depth perception.  

The ability to feel the pieces, see shapes, understand lines and values helped me figure out how to successfully build the puzzle. My curiosity and innate need to create aided me in my quest to learn complex tasks. I carried these abilities forward and applied them to master painting.  

I paint to capture and highlight the beauty in our world –the beauty of the human spirit, vibrant colors, intense emotions and sensations. I began painting yoga to capture vitality in its physical form. The yoga art received pure and unexpected attention. I have since evolved and certain archetypal themes permeate my work such as the seeker, mother, child, goddess, and hero.

My approach to creating art is like building a puzzle. There are multiple pieces, or variables, to each composition. These variables include color, balance, layering, mediums, draftsmanship and texture. It is my desire to bring all of these elements together to create a harmonious whole.

My intention is to reveal what is happening underneath the surface or beyond first glance. I describe my figurative work as “Soulful Realism”. “Soulful Realism” is my approach to capturing the essence of the subject. Extra attention is placed on capturing the eyes. I strive to honor the intelligence and intuition of the viewer. 

As an artist, I am inspired to authentically connect with others through my creations. I am far better at communicating my thoughts through a painting than with words. I find great satisfaction when my work connects to the spirit of another human being.” -JulieAnn