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Step 1: The First Meeting

Each subject has a unique essence that will be interpreted through the pose, lighting, composition, and expression. The first meeting with the client to get to know the subject.

Plan for ~90 minutes. JulieAnn to study and photograph the subject live in a variety of poses and lighting combinations. The sittings can take place in the subject's natural environment or other location. Live studies help JulieAnn capture the unique character of each subject when possible. She can also work from photographs.

($250 non-refundable consultation fee)

Step 2: Small Composition Creation In JulieAnn's Studio

JulieAnn creates a small composition which is done using the photos and sketches available. Her study determines color harmony and design for the final portrait.

The study is virtually presented to the client for their review and feedback. Once the client approves the draft composition, JulieAnn will begin creating the custom work.

(50% of commission price is due)

Commission Pricing*




16" x 20"


18" x 24"


24" x 36"


Step 3: Portrait Creation

A high quality custom oil painting a minimum of 90 days to dry.

As the painting develops, the client will be notified of progress.

(Remaining 50% of the commission is due upon portrait delivery) 


If the client wishes, the artist will participate in selecting a suitable frame. The frame can be ordered at the owners expense and be ready at the same time as the painting.

*Prices exclude travel and shipping costs. Prices are subject to change without notice.