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"Surrender depicts the power of the divine feminine. The sacred connection between the yogi and a higher power. The ability to trust in the unknown and that choosing faith over fear, love over vengeance, and facing each day knowing there are divine forces which far exceed our intelligence.

The background figure is my effort to depict a nurturing divine mother gazing down on her “child”. This figure is a mix of Gaia, the Greek goddess who presided over the earth, and the Saint Mary. The yogi is placing her heart on the ground in melting heart pose to reconnect with the earth, and divine energy, depicting reverence and belonging to the divine.

We need to surrender, detach and realize our role here is much greater than running endless errands and expecting support and safety from our human created systems.  

I believe there are divine energies that far exceed our capabilities and we must revere them. One of the most accepting, kind and powerful force is that of the sacred feminine." - JulieAnn

Surrender by JulieAnn Derby

18" x 24"

Original Oil Painting

Belgium Linen

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