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D, Conforto

Boston, MA

"JulieAnn's artwork is a reflection of her passion for her trade, empathy for others, and her innate ability to connect with people. I admire the range of pieces that she creates and how thought-provoking they can be. No matter how crowded the field, JulieAnn's work stands out and is one of a kind." 

K. Larson

Couer d' Alene, ID

"JulieAnn is an amazing artist with a profound attention to detail. I recently bought the original of her piece "Stillness" which is a great addition to my collection of artwork of horses. Horses are amazingly beautiful animals. JulieAnn not only captures their graceful athleticism, but also their gentle inner spirit - not an easy task do."​

K. Rangel

Dallas, TX

JulieAnn’s work is amazing. I am lucky enough to have two of her abstract paintings on my office wall at work that are both gorgeous. I love the emotion I feel when I look at them in the middle of my day’s craziness. Her pieces stir my creativity, bring me calmness, and put a smile on my face. The colors and patterns (or lack of) are vivid and striking. Simply put, I love their beauty and her work. I cannot wait to collect more of her work and share her talent with everyone in my world."

Lou Mars

Morro Bay, CA

"As a fellow artist, having one represent your own work is a touchy and sensitive issue. Which is why I selected JulieAnn to design my 4th CD release "No One" (but U). Her art embodies the soul, mind, and body; just as a musician desires their music to achieve. Julie delivered a masterpiece and is still one of my most discussed album covers to date."

D. Rich

Middletown, CT

"Not only is JulieAnn's artwork able to capture such life-like qualities, it makes you feel as if you are lost inside and understanding the art. Not only are her results amazing, she is a fantastic person to work with, beautiful both inside and out. I would gladly work with JulieAnn again."

Private Collector

Manhattan, New York

"I am often overcome with emotion when I see JulieAnn's work. I have a very strong response to her paintings. There are many layers in her work that require several viewings to comprehend."

Private Collector, Manhattan NY

S. Neborsky

Middletown, CT

"JulieAnn's work is amazing and inspiring - she is truly unique and has a gift that most dream of! So much thought is put into every detail, one of the most top notch artists ever!"

D. Nylund

Simsbury, CT

"JulieAnn's work is nothing short of magical. She painted my children and not only captured their spirit, she captured their souls. It is my favorite piece of art. She has evolved to become quite the sought after artist. I'm privileged to own one of her first pieces and can't wait to grace my walls with another."

The Warshauers

Golden, CO

"JulieAnn's hands are blessed!"

Private Collector

Westport, CT

"...JulieAnn's paintings of horses elicit the gracefulness of the horse. I see how this artist pays close attention to the fine details of a horse's strength and beauty. Capturing the elegance of this magnificent animal and successfully expressing that elegance is difficult for any artist to do. Yet, JulieAnn is able to show this elegance so wonderfully in her work."

Amadea Bailey

Los Angeles, CA

"JulieAnn has become absolutely passionate about painting horses and is really a genius at it."